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The story all starts here.

The story of Infuse began in a garage in the year 2012. Then, founder Seth Benhaim recognized people were in desperate need of a spirit that offered a natural and simple process that anyone could understand. After experiencing the magic of infused spirits while on vacation, he realized the market lacked such product. So naturally, he decided to be the one to create it...and he did. One year and a few hundred samples [of vodka infused with only natural, real ingredients] later, Seth launched Infuse Spirits. Just three months later, Seth (who was then 25 years old) became the youngest brand owner to ever win Best-in-Show and Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Since then, Infuse has continued to work tirelessly to ensure every bottle of Infuse Spirits, whether its vodka, whiskey, or bitters, is balanced, smooth, and bursting with character and flavor. 

Infuse Bitters is a part of Infuse Spirits Group, LLC.

What are bitters?

Bitters are concentrated flavorings of a particular ingredient(s). Potable (i.e., drinkable) bitters are liqueurs/amari that may be drunk on their own (e.g., Jägermeister, Fernet, Amaro Montenegro). In contrast, non-potable (i.e., non-drinkable) bitters, like Infuse Bitters, are meant to be used as an additive, like a seasoning to a beverage as salt would be to a dish.


Bitters can also be used in various other applications, such as cooking, baking, and pair wonderfully with coffee, tea, and other herbal remedies.  

What are Infuse Bitters?

 Infuse Bitters are the only bitters on the market entirely made by infusing real roots and spices to create powerful and delicious beverage-enhancing bitters. We single-bottle infuse every product by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. We don't take any of the roots and spices out, so you can see what's inside. We're the only bitters company that sticks to this philosophy: natural, real ingredients inside every bottle. No added sugars, dyes, artificial ingredients, flavorings, additives ever. What you see is what you taste!

With just a few drops of Infuse Bitters, you can alter the taste, smell, and color of a cocktail or beverage.

What can I do with Infuse Bitters?

You can use Infuse Bitters in cocktails, tea, coffee, water, and even food! 


For cooking, the best way to use Infuse is to hold back on adding bitters until the last possible moment.

For baking, you can incorporate the bitters into the dough, such as Ginger bitters in ginger snap cookies, or Cassia Bark bitters in chocolate chip cookie dough. The combinations are endless, and your only limitations are your own imagination.


We thrive on creativity, and would love to learn and share great discoveries using bitters - don't hesitate to share your finds with us online, via email or on social media!

How do I measure Infuse Bitters?

A single drop is measured as a “drop.” 


A “dash” is measured as ten drops. A dash is a little under one-fourth of a dropper, and two dashes are around half of a dropper.

What is the shelf-life?

Indefinite! Infuse Bitters last indefinitely due to the high alcohol content, which preserves the ingredients. No oxidation or spoilage to worry about! 

*Some loss of evaporation can occur after 1-2 years, due to the porous nature of the dropper-cap closure. This does not occur with our spray cap closures.

What is your return policy?

At Infuse Bitters, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of goods. We want you to be happy with your order, so we strive to make sure our return policies reflect that.


Since we cannot resell any opened bottles that have already been shipped to you for sanitary reasons, we’re unable to accept such returns. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! If there was an error with your order, please contact within 30 days of your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your bitters in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to the same address within 30 days of purchase.

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