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Naturally, like nothing else.

Bitters are concentrated flavorings of particular ingredients. Potable (i.e., drinkable) bitters are liqueurs/amari that may be drunk on their own (e.g., Jägermeister, Fernet, Amaro Montenegro). In contrast, non-potable (i.e., non-drinkable) bitters, like Infuse Bitters, are meant to be used as an additive, like a seasoning to a beverage as salt would be to a dish. Bitters can also be used in various other applications, such as cooking, baking, and pair wonderfully with coffee, tea, and other herbal remedies


It is easy to get lost in the spirits aisle. That's why Infuse Spirits can proudly say that our line of bitters are the only of their kind, handmade entirely with real roots and spices to create powerful and delicious beverage-enhancing bitters. We single-bottle infuse every bottle by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. We don't take any of the roots and spices out, so you can see what's inside. We're the only bitters company that sticks to this philosophy: natural, real ingredients inside every bottle. No added sugars, dyes, or artificial ingredients - ever.


"Can you guys please make more stuff? We love everything you guys do."


— The Cocktail Lab 

"Unbelievable. Never tasted anything quite like these. Balanced, and beautiful."


 Wine & Liquor Depot

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